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Everything about renting a car in Ankara, the capital of our country, is in this article. A passenger car or an SUV for terrain? Which fuel type? Automatic shift or manual? All the details are here..

Everything About Renting a Car in Ankara

Started operating in 1955, Ankara Esenboğa Airport was the first airport in our country with both domestic and international lines. In terms of passenger traffic, it is Turkey’s 4th largest airport.

Transportation routes are quite comfortable and comfortable in Ankara, as the public and private sector is concentrated and it has the centers of public institutions, but the distance between the places to visit makes car rental reasonable.

Business trip or personal visit… Regardless of your travel purpose, renting a car in Ankara will take you to your destination in a short time. Start your journey with a question mark in your mind with car rental from our Ankara Esenboğa Airport branch . Renting a car, contains more comprehensive questions than which type of vehicle and what type of gear you will drive. Let’s assume you will rent a vehicle that has an automatic gear. So how many people are with you? If you are crowded and have lots of luggage, the space in the vehicle you rent will also be a determining factor. Supposing that you have also determined vehicles that suits your luggage volume and the number of people. Are you going to your destination with a passenger car, a convertible that doubles comfort and enjoyment or an SUV type vehicle? We are here for all your questions about the most equipped vehicles at the cheapest price.

First of all, we recommend that you make your reservation for Ankara at least 3 days in advance. Once you get off the place, your only concern will be the arrival time to your destination.

Information you should keep in mind: It is 30 kilometers from Esenboğa Airport to Çankaya and 30 kilometers from Anıtkabir.

We are at your service as Oscar Rent A Car to rent the cheapest but highest equipped vehicles among the options.

Where to go in Ankara?

Ankara, developed rapidly after being declared the capital by Turkish Grand National in 1923 and became Turkey's second most populous province.

The first place to visit in Ankara is Kızılay Square. You can take a walk in Güvenpark near the square, which has a lively and crowded atmosphere during the day, or you can shop along Sakarya Street and discover many fun places.

You must have heard of Kuğulu Park. It is a great pleasure to share the bagels you eat in Kuğulu Park, which is perhaps the most famous of the parks in Ankara. Tunalı Hilmi Caddesi, close to the park, is one of the busiest and most pleasant streets of Ankara. You can discover new flavors and buy gift items in every corner of the street.

After visiting Anıtkabir where Atatürk's mausoleum is located in the center of Ankara, in Çankaya, you can visit Ankara Natural History Museum and see Güvenpark, Camlı Köşk and Kocatepe Mosque.

There is no need to mention the lakes when it comes to Ankara. You should definitely see the Eymir and Mogan lakes. Hundreds of bird species in Lake Mogan will fascinate you. Planning your trip between all these places with your rental car will take Ankara travel to the next level.

What to Eat in Ankara?

One of the must-eat dishes when you go to Ankara is aspava. We recommend you to give this taste a chance, which you will come across in many stops. Ankara Tava, which is also referred to as kuzu kapama, is one of the other delicious dishes.

Kebab, döner and kokoreç are some of the tastes you should experience in Ankara.

FAQ about renting a car in Ankara

What type of vehicle is rented in Ankara?

Renting a middle class hatchback car in Ankara provides you with optimum comfort.

What are the average car rental prices at Ankara Airport?

The average car rental price at Ankara Esenboğa Airport is 800 TL .

How far is it from Esenboğa Airport Kızılay?

Esenboğa Airport is 30 kilometers from Kızılay .

Ideal vehicle segment for Ankara travel?

An economical or mid-segment vehicle is ideal for your Ankara trip.

Where to go in Ankara?

Kızılay Square, Kuğulu Park, Güvenpark, Anıtkabir are among the main places you can go in Ankara.

Ankara Esenboga Airport Rental Cars

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