Corporate Car Rental

Fleet Leasing Services for Long Term Use

Under normal conditions, rental services are taken to provide a few days of use in rent a car services. However, if you choose as an individual or company for a long-term use, you can request fleet rental services. Our company offers these services as a fast and advantageous solution in accordance with your needs.

When you want to get rental service with the fleet method, whether your company is newly established or has a very old structure, you still get the most advantageous conditions. In this way, while our company offers you rental services, you only use the vehicle. Our company also performs many services such as banderole, traffic insurance, automobile insurance, tax, inspection, service and tire change.

Vehicles Offered for Car Rental by Fleet Method

When our company offers car rental services with the fleet method for companies or individuals, it offers different vehicle options to meet their needs. While the vehicles offered create rich alternatives with different brands and models, they are capable of meeting all company needs. Among these vehicles, you can choose economic, medium or luxury class vehicles. You can also choose vehicles such as upper class or minivan. After selecting the class information among the available vehicles, you can also provide gasoline, diesel, manual and automatic selections. For example, for car rental service, you can choose the middle class, diesel fuel and automatic transmission vehicle list. In this way, you can see the age conditions, driver's license conditions, collateral information, rental periods, price information and features offered by these vehicles in different brands.

Fleet System Logic in Car Rental Services

When you request car rental services from our company with the fleet system, you can get professional consultancy at every point from the choice of the vehicle to the use of the vehicle. You can benefit from flexible pricing advantages with Euro, Dollar or TL in accordance with your business budget. Periodic maintenance, mechanical repair, original spare parts support for the vehicles you will use are provided with 100% customer satisfaction. Vehicles are provided with many different advantages such as spare vehicle service during accidents or repairs, 24/7 roadside assistance and OGS/HGS management to prevent grievances.

For your corporate rental requests, you can contact us at [email protected] or send it to us by filling out the form on the side.

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