About Us

Oscar Tourism was established in 1994 and follows the developments in the field of car rental, tourism and transportation, and provides service with its customer-oriented staff who speak at least one foreign language with its fleet of vehicles under 3 years old.

Our company which has the highest numbered vehicle fleet in its region, started with "customer satisfaction” principle, become prominent with the care we show on life safety aside from the matter of financial income from the works that have been carried out.You will be greeted by a professional team and our expert and experienced staff for a full visitor satisfaction, our service quality in International Standards and with our fleet which has all the highway transportation documents and standards. For OSCAR RENT A CAR, quality is not a goal, but it is a process which should be improved and constant. Within this scope our company which determined the customer satisfaction as a primary goal, also owns ISO 9001-2008 Quality Standards, D-2 Passenger Transportation Document and Group A Travel Agency Document.

Vision, Mission, Values

OUR VISION is to be a first choice brand in its region in the Car Rental and Tourism Agency sector by using all the communication devices provided by technology.

OUR MISSION is to become a service providing company which benefits to employees and shareholders and constantly improving company by creating values in society by providing service for our customers in their short and long term vehicle needs, their preferred transportation service needs in their regions.


• Reliability
• Being Service Oriented
• Team Spirit
• Respect to People
• Environmental Awareness


We provide the high quality service with the options of appropriate prices to our esteemed customers with our new flight ticket sales and Domestic Hotel Early Reservation systems which are included in our service departments as well as Rent a Car, Substitute Vehicle and Airport Transfers Activities.

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