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In this article, you will find all the details about renting a car in Bursa, which hosted many civilizations.

A passenger car or an SUV for terrain? Which fuel type? Automatic shift or manual? All the details are here.

Everything About Renting a Car in Bursa

Bursa, located in the Marmara Region and carries the traces of thousands of years of civilization, is one of the most special cities of our country.

It is 150 kilometers from Bursa to Istanbul, 380 kilometers from Ankara and 350 kilometers from Izmir. Bursa is a city with developing industry, cultural and natural beauties. Car rental in Bursa will provide you with the most comfortable and short trip to your destination.

You need a cheap, new, equipped vehicle and a rent a car company that serves immediately whenever you have questions. Our company, which has the largest vehicle fleet in the region, offers all opportunities on critical issues such as continuous maintenance of vehicles, determination of the points of deliver according to the customer’s choice and online support.

We recommend that you make your reservation at least 3 days in advance for Bursa, which has a certain traffic density as it is a transit city between Istanbul and Izmir. This precaution will prevent the stress.

Renting a car, contains more comprehensive questions than which type of vehicle and what type of gear you will drive. Let’s assume you will rent a vehicle that has an automatic gear. So how many people are with you? If you are crowded and have lots of luggage, the space in the vehicle you rent will also be a determining factor. Supposing that you have also determined vehicles that suits your luggage volume and the number of people. Are you going to your destination with a passenger car, a convertible that doubles comfort and enjoyment or an SUV type vehicle? We are here for all your questions about the most equipped vehicles at the cheapest price.

Where to go in Bursa?

Bursa is a fascinating city where nature and history integrate. Bursa, which served as the capital during the period until the conquest of Istanbul, hosted many commercial and cultural activities. The city where the Tynes, Persians, Byzantines and Ottomans lived has the features of thousands of years of civilization.

You can see Ulu Mosque, Berber Kaya, Beştaş (Obelisk), Hypoge Underground Tombs, Böcek Ayazma, Hacı Özbek Mosque, Mahmut Çelebi Mosque, Green Mosque, Orhan Bey Mosque and Bath, Uludağ , Balibeyhanı.

When you go to Bursa, you should not skip Kozahan, Cumalıkızık Village, Hünkâr Mansion and Botanic Park.

With the vehicle you will rent in Bursa, going places on time and arriving without the stress of being late will take Istanbul travel to the next level.

What to Eat in Bursa?

We recommend you to try the flavor identified with the name of Bursa during your trip. Pita bread called cantık, which has minced meat in the middle, is one of the signature flavors of Bursa.

Inegol meatball is a taste you should definitely try. If you like tahini, you can also give the tahini pita with a chance.

Desserts have a special place for the food culture of Bursa. Chestnut candies that you can get at the bus stops is a nice gift that you can give to your loved ones and you can also enjoy them during your break. Speaking of dessert, do not miss Bursa's milk halva and Kemalpaşa dessert.

FAQ about car rental in Bursa

What type of vehicle is rented in Bursa?

Middle segment hatchback vehicles are the most preferred vehicle type in Bursa.

What are the average car rental prices in Bursa?

Average car rental prices in Bursa are 340 TL.

How far is it from Bursa to Istanbul?

It is 155 kilometers from Bursa to Istanbul .

What is the average price of renting an economical vehicle in Bursa?

The average daily price of an economical car rental in Bursa is 272 TL .

How far is it from Bursa to Izmir?

Bursa is 340 kilometers from Izmir .

Bursa Merkez Rental Cars

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