Hidden Paradise of The Mediterranean: Saklikent Canyon

Hidden Paradise of The Mediterranean: Saklikent Canyon
Saklikent Canyon manages to attract all attention as one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the Mediterranean! The canyon, located in the Saklikent National Park, located in the Kas districts of Antalya and Fethiye districts of Muğla, located in the south of our country, is home to many tourists today. This magnificent canyon formed by Karachay, a tributary of Eşen Creek, is located 200 km from Antalya, 46 km from Fethiye, and 64 km from Kaş. We have compiled all the detailed information about Saklikent Canyon, which is one of the legendary natural wonders visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year! Now let's examine all the details about the natural wonder in question together.

About Saklikent Canyon

It is forbidden to enter the water because the base flow of the Hidden City Canyon is filled with high water. For entrance and passage, a wooden bridge of about 200 meters is used, which is hung with iron bars on the tooth slopes in the canyon. After the bridge, Springs, which are extremely cold, are encountered. Saklikent Canyon, which is one of the most frequented places of tourists and locals in the summer season, is also used as a picnic spot. It is known that between 180 thousand and 210 thousand tourists visit this canyon on average per year. Located around the canyon, which was declared a national park by a publication in the official gazette on 06.06.1996, has been protected. Within the National Park, there are 3 villages of Fethiye and Kas in total. It is possible to see maki, larch, kızılcam, and cedar trees, which are plants in the region.

When Was Saklikent Canyon Discovered?

Saklikent Canyon was discovered very recently. According to a known rumor, the escape of a shepherd's goat and the shepherd's pursuit of the goat led to the discovery of this canyon. After the GOAT, the Shepherd comes to the canyon while searching for the goat and discovers it here. The Shepherd reports the area to the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Later, the region is declared a National Park. It is possible to express that Saklikent has become popular today with the sponsorship of private companies. Saklikent, which has hosted tourists since 1989, has gained a worldwide reputation, especially with a promotional film released on TRT.

How To Get To Saklikent?

How to get to Saklikent, a world-famous canyon, is the topic that domestic and foreign tourists are most interested in. There are buses from almost all over Turkey to Fethiye, where Saklikent is located. Dalaman Airport, the nearest airport to Fethiye, is located 50 km from Saklikent. It is very easy to reach the Fethiye center from the airport. Besides, the distance to Fethiye bus station is about 1 hour. There are minibusses between Fethiye and Saklikent. It is possible to provide easy transportation with minibusses.

When Do You Get To Saklikent Canyon?

We mentioned that the water of Saklikent Canyon is extremely cold. For this reason, you can cool off by visiting the canyon when you are overwhelmed by the heat of the summer months. People who want to visit the area while in a quiet state can visit on weekdays. Because on weekends and holidays, Saklikent becomes quite busy and crowded.

What Can Be Done In Saklikent?

You can take a great nature walk in Saklikent. Besides, you can enjoy this natural wonder by participating in many activities. You can have a great rafting experience in Saklikent, which is preferred for rafting internationally. Even children can do rafting in the area on days when the stream is not much of a stream. Rafting can last from 45 minutes to 3 hours. Another activity that can be done in Saklikent is a mud bath. At the end of the rafting, you can take a mud bath by using the healing mud in the magnificent mud pool. Besides, it is possible to zipline in the region.

Saklikent Canyon Rent A Car

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