Heritage of Centuries: Patara Ancient City

Heritage of Centuries: Patara Ancient City

Do you want to experience a great experience and spend quality time in Patara ancient city? Then you will be able to open the door to a journey intertwined with history in the most special geographies of the region. Patara's ancient city, one of the most important cultural heritage of the world, is a perfect region between Kas and Fethiye.

Patara, which is an ancient city that reached today during the period of the Hittites and Lycians, is a place where traces of life were found in the 8th century BC. It is worth mentioning that this city, which was used as a capital during the Lycian period, is quite remarkable not only from an administrative point of view but also because of its geographical location. Besieged by Alexander the Great, one of the greatest commanders in history, this city has managed to become an important Center in the Xanthos Valley for centuries.

It is also very valuable that Patara's ancient city, which has maintained its importance in every period in its existence, is a port city. It was used as a grain store during the Roman period, and it was possible to discover traces of Roman architecture here. For this reason, we can mention that the city is quite remarkable from a cultural and architectural point of view. Patara, the birthplace of Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus according to the Christian faith, is considered sacred in this aspect.

Patara Ancient City and Attractions

There are many places to visit in Patara, which is a very remarkable place in the region between Kas and Fethiye. Because it is one of the most special legacies of humanity, we have compiled for you the places you must see in Patara, which welcomes millions of tourists every year!

Parliament House

In Patara, which is a very remarkable place dating from the Lycian period, you can take a closer look at the structure that is the first parliament building in the world. As well as the grandeur of the parliament building, most of which is still as solid as the first day, its location is quite remarkable. It is possible to say that the blue behind it, in particular, managed to make Parliament House a different beauty!

Ruins Of Patara Ancient City

For those who want to spend a pleasant time in Patara, there are so many must-see places! The most notable ones are the Vespasian Bath, Patara Theatre, the Roman triumphal arch, The Corinthian Temple, and the Byzantine Church. We can express that these places, which should be seen by everyone who comes to Patara, attract attention not only from an architectural point of view but also with historical features. In Patara, which is visited by millions of people every year, you can also open the door to a wonderful journey to spend a pleasant time.

Patara Beach

Of course, cultural and historical ruins do not come to mind only when it comes to the must-see sweats in Patara. At this point, it is necessary to mention Patara Beach as one of the alternatives that come to the fore. Patara Beach, in addition to being the longest beach in the region, also makes its name because it is an immaculate beach. It is one of the preferred places of almost every holiday lover who wants to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun. On this beach, which stretches for 18 kilometers and admires almost everyone, you can immediately turn your route to Patara to spend time.

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