Blue Cruise In The Mediterranean: Gocek Bays

Blue Cruise In The Mediterranean: Gocek Bays

Gocek Bays

Want to enjoy the magnificent bays and natural wonders of the Mediterranean? By examining this perfect guide we have prepared for you about the bays of Gocek, you can create a holiday route for yourself. You can visit the perfect bays of Gocek to enjoy the Blue Cruise in the Mediterranean. Now let's examine the bays of Gocek in detail.

Sarsala Bay

Sarsala Bay, located 15 km from Dalaman, is the most popular Bay among the bays of Gocek. It is possible to see many private yachts and boats anchored in Sarsala Bay, which is one of the most frequented points of boat tours.

Yassica Islands

One of the most popular bays among Gocek bays, Yassica Islands is a bay that offers accommodation and offers many eating and drinking alternatives. It is located 5 km from Göcek. Yassica Islands, one of the symbols of Fethiye, is an archipelago consisting of 12 islands. The most suitable island for camping and entering the sea is Spoon Island.

Kille Bay

Kille Bay, a less well-known Bay than other bays, is located on the Gocek and Dalaman roads and is 13 km away from Gocek. It is necessary to be extremely careful when going to Kille Bay, whose path is extremely corrupt and dangerous.

Cleopatra Bay

Cleopatra Bay, also known as Hamam Bay, was built in the ancient Lycian period and is a Bay where the remains of hamam are located. Among the bays of Gocek, the most anchored bays of the day together and boat tours are in the plot. There are also ruins of a Byzantine monastery in the area. The bath and sheep have no interest in Cleopatra and have been named Cleopatra Bay only because of its beauty.

Siralibuk Bay

Sıralıbük Bay, which is in the top 3 among the most beautiful göce bays, is one of the bays where boat tours and blue tours often stop during the day. Sarılıbük Bay, a Bay where fresh water and saltwater meet, is an almost hidden paradise.

Shipyard Island

Shipyard Island, the largest island in Gocek, was named after Shipyard Island because it was used as a shipyard in the past. There are 2 ports on the island, including summer and winter sports. Several historical remains are located in the Winter Harbor. In this direction, the winter port was used as a shelter by sailors until the Lausanne agreement.

Bedri Rahmi Bay

Bedri Rahmi Bay, also known as Taşyaka Bay, has recently become the most popular of Gocek bays. The reason the sheep in question is so popular is that there are king tombs on the hill. When you visit Bedri Rahmi Bay, which is one of the most preferred among the bays of Gocek, you should not forget to visit the ancient Lycian King Tombs.

Aquarium Bay

The Bay, which is called Aquarium Bay because it has an extremely clear appearance, has a constant light breeze and pine smells. Aquarium Bay, which has glass-like water and has colorful fish, can be reached by boats every day.

Paradise Bay

Cennet Bay, which has the appearance of paradise with its magnificent nature, is a Bay where transportation is possible from the sea and land. Cennet Bay, which also offers the opportunity to camp, is located on the Lycian Way and bears traces of history.

Günlüklü Bay

Günlüklü Bay, 15 km from Gocek, is a magnificent bay where you can spend a pleasant time with its 500-meter beach and peaceful atmosphere. Günlüklü Bay, where land transportation is also possible, is ideal for people who want to set up tents and stay by caravan.

Pig Island

Pig Island, which belongs to the Simavi family, is also home to wild pigs. Although the new name of the island is Hurriyet Island, it is a place where Blue Cruise Yachts often come.

Gocek Bays Car Rental

If you want to wander the unique bays of Gocek and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, you should use the car rental service of Gocek bays. In this way, you can get the most perfect view of all the bays.

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