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A very special city of Aegean, Muğla offers a unique holiday opportunity with its unique bays, natural beauties and historical values. When you arrive in the city, which attracts attention with its special districts such as Fethiye, Dalaman, Milas, Bodrum, Datça, all you have to do is rent a car that suits your personal tastes and needs.

Oscar rent a car offers you these opportunities with its wide vehicle fleet and over 20 years of experience,.

Let's explore the essentials for a Muğla trip that you will enjoy together.

Car Rental Tips in Muğla

Renting a car in Muğla will give you the opportunity to visit many destinations and different destinations without any time restrictions, on any day and time. Some details you will want to know when researching car rental options in Mugla :

If you are traveling with a few number of people, a compact vehicle will do your job easily. But if there is a large number of people traveling with you a van could suit you. If you are planning to go to places where the terrain is more rugged an SUV type land vehicle rental in Muğla will be the most logical.

The vehicle you will use can vary according to the route you plan, number of people and your traveling time. Our company, which has the largest vehicle fleet in the region, offers you all these parameters and provides the most affordable and equipped vehicle.

With 20 years of experience, our company provides the most reliable travel experience on critical issues such as continuous maintenance of the vehicles, determination of the points of delivery according to renter’s choice, online support provide

Whether it's a large vehicle for a big family or a vehicle for two people, you will have the opportunity to discover all the new places and natural beauties with the car you rent.

Where to go in Muğla?

After you have arrived in Muğla, which has 13 different districts that are each special, you can start to explore this special city after you receive your car.

You can also visit Bodrum, located in 120 kilometers from our office in Menteşe with your passenger car and eat Bodrum lokma, take a break in south at Marmaris's unique bay Turunc, which is 85 kilometers away, or visit Dalaman located in 100 kilometers away and go on a unique journey among the pine forests.

What to eat in Muğla?

Standing out with the synthesis of both meat dishes and classical Mediterranean cuisine, Muğla offers a world of new tastes.

It invites you to a different culinary experience with many varieties such as herb dishes with the most popular herbs of the Aegean, börülce ekşileme, octopus pilaf, çökertme kebab, famous Bodrum manti that made its name known to the whole country, Milas meatball.

FAQ about Renting a Car in Muğla

What is the average price for car rental in Muğla?

The average car rental price in Muğla is 690 TL.

What are the places to visit in Muğla?

You can visit the special districts of Muğla, such as Fethiye, Dalaman, Milas, Bodrum and Datça.

How far is it from Muğla Dalaman Airport to Menteşe?

It is 105 kilometers from Muğla Dalaman Airport to Menteşe.

Which types of vehicles are ideal for Muğla travel?

Economic or middle segment vehicles are ideal for Mugla travel.

Muğla Mentese Rental Cars

The latest model and well-maintained rental vehicles with insurance coverage are with you at the Muğla Mentese location with the assurance of is the indispensable address for Muğla Mentese car rental services.


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