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OSCAR Rent a Car provides you with a tool to meet your expectations and needs in a wide range of products and services with a rich alternate fleet of different brands and models.

We provide you with the most suitable car rental and payment options with the best and fastest solution alternatives for your individual or company use. Even if you are a newly established company in the nose of a flower, we offer you the most advantageous conditions.
You do not waste your time in bandroll, traffic insurance, inspection or tax processing. Let us handle these for you so you just focus on your work and achivement of your company.

Professional Consulting Service
The expert OSCAR staff, who inform you about your segment, brand and model options in a timely manner, by identifying the most suitable vehicle and leasing model you need, offers you the optimal operational fleet management service package for your business model.

Terms of payment

We offer you the most flexible pricing in the currency of your choice and in the most favorable payment terms, in Euro or in Dollar if you do not want the Dollar.

Periodic Maintenance and Repair Service

Periodic maintenance and mechanical repairs are performed at authorized service centers and using original spare parts. We provide a service that makes it easy for you to perform periodic maintenance and repair operations by providing a fast and reliable service with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

Replacement Vehicle Services

Your replacement vehicle will be assigned to you when you leave your vehicle for periodic maintenance in case of accident or repair.

7/24 Road Assistance Services

Our support line 444 86 87 is as close as a phone to you 7/24.

HGS / Toll Management

By providing HGS / OGS Management services for tour customers in the bridge or highway passages, our bureaucratic and operational processes related to the supply of the devices and labels for your vehicles are performed by your expert team and you can easily benefit from these services.
Our major priority is 100% satisfaction of our customers.

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