Insurances and Guarantees

The vehicle used by the tenant is protected by the KASKO insurance conditions within the legal limits. The vehicle is also insured by the tenant for property damage, fire and theft.
The terms of liability of the tenant vary according to the group involved. Car damages are exempted from damage by 3%. The tenant is responsible for accidents up to 750-TL for economic group vehicles, 1,000-TL for medium group vehicles and 1,500-TL for top group vehicles.
The liability can be removed by the tenant by paying an additional fee per day, which is determined according to the gauge to which the depot belongs.
         Additional Guarantees
LCF: Guarantees glass and head breakage and tire damage
Even if the tenant has purchased additional collateral, the collateral will not be valid in the cases specified in the contract and left out of the coverage of the Casco Insurance