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General Rental Terms

In order to install the car rental process and to be able to deliver the ed car to you, it is required to sign the Car Rental Agreement when pick up the car.
You can find all the details about our responsibilities and your responsibilities on our website at or Oscar Rent a Car Offices.
Please keep in mind that you can carefully read the General Terms and Conditions of Rent and Delivery on this page, if you have any questions or you would like to receive more information, please contact at 4448687
Your Responsibilities
You are responsible for returing the car in same condition with its accessories and key. As long as the rental agreement continues, you must use the car you have rented in accordance with the Highway Traffic Law no 2918 dated 13.10.1983 and the Traffic Rules no 26901.
It is your responsibility to use the car in accordance with the road, climate conditions and speed limits. You are responsible for any damage to the car caused by the use of the car outside of the capacity and purpose of production, hitting different places such as hills and pits, any damage that may occur as a result of using it on the ground and at the beach, and water entering the car or other parts of the car. You should not use the car to race, to speed, to test the strength and speed of the car, and to teach you to drive to someone else.
Please keep locked in any situation where you do not use the car. Make sure you use the right and proper fuel. Check the oil levels and keep the tire air as necessary.
Even if you return the car, you are responsible for any subsequent crime, parking tickets, traffic fines and HGS transits that may arise in the future for the car to be in your use. In addition, if requested by you, you are obliged to provide all necessary information about yourself and the additional driver on your side. In the event that you do not provide this information completely and fully, you are responsible for all of your responsibilities.
You can not sell, rent or dismantle the car or any part thereof. If you are a free genius, you can not use the tool for the use of anyone other than the names involved in the contract. You can not grant legal rights to any person on the car, and you can not transfer your rights.
Under no circumstances you should never complete the fluid levels of the brake, clutch, gearbox oil or engine coolant for your own safety. If there is any warning light on the dashboard or low oil levels, contact us immediately. The phone number you can reach 24 hours a day in an emergency will be given to you by the office authority where you will receive the car.
You should immediately alert us when you detect any problems with the car. Do not allow any person to work on the car without written permission.
We need to bring the car where we have agreed with you beforehand within the agreed hours. The car must be checked and checked by our employees or authorized persons. If you are unable to control the condition of the car or if we have agreed with you about returning the car outside of working hours, you will be responsible for the damage that will occur during the period until the condition has been confirmed, in advance, by the person we authorize or our worker. In case you have objection to this determination, you can request a specialist examination by registering to cover your costs.
Expenses that we will make to return to pre-rental status due to changes made outside of car approval, Damage not recorded and / or declared with missing documents during the recall of the car and damage claims that are not covered by insurance coverage / guarantee limit are given to the inner wheels of the car. the damage is your responsibility.
The car must only be used by you, by the additional driver specified on the contract, or by persons we authorize in writing. The person using the tool must have a valid license.
You may not use the car while under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. Capacity can not carry passengers on and you can not remove the outside borders Turkey.
Before returning the car, check to see if you have any personal contacts. Unfortunately, we can not accept responsibility for the special items forgotten in the car.
Vehicle mileage limits; For all group of vehicles, the maximum limit in kilometer is for1-3 day rentals (250KM/day), 4-7 day rentals (200 KM/day), 8-14 day rentals (170 KM/day), 15+ days rentals (140 KM/day);  and (3,500 km) per month. In the case of the mileage limit exceeds,  0.40 Euro per mile will be charged as an extra fee.

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